We work to understand your company culture, adapt our process to it, and deliver result-driven content.

Having worked with young and established brands we have learned that being agile is key in this industry. We don’t just act, we react.

Having worked with startups we have learned how to remain nimble and react speedily, we bring this agility to our clients both big and small.

We have worked with teams in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Houston, and Caracas. Working with all these different teams has given us the tools we need to bridge cultural divides.


Both our founders grew up in multiple cultures and learned how to seemingly transition between them. It is this experience that led them to create an agency that focuses on bridging the gaps between our clients’ cultures and their consumers. We seek to understand your culture and adapt it to the market in order to connect with your consumers at a deeper level.

Guido Falconi | Head of Content & Co-Founder


Project Coordinator | Verified Works, Houston
Social Media Coordinator | American Advertising Federation, Houston
Advertising | University of Houston

Guido was born in Peru, grew up in Washington DC, and now resides in Houston, Texas. Having been exposed to so many different cultures he has learned how to effectively communicate with people from all different walks of life. Guido’s love for writing began when he found his grandmother’s old typewriter when he was still a kid. Guido graduated from the University of Houston with a bachelors in Communications with a focus on Advertising. He has worked on publicity for award-winning films, ran successful social media campaigns, and done some freelance copywriting around Houston.


Sam Sim | Head of Business Development


Sam is a Digital Media, Social Media and Ecommerce industry veteran with over 15 years of combined experience for direct response, digital and mobile advertising as well as social media and e-commerce.  
Sam has started and co-founded several successful companies, including Guppy Media, Direct Response Agency, EngageADX, Programmatic and Mobile Advertising Exchange as well as Sprout Social Media, Social Media Influencers.  
Sam brings a wealth of knowledge and relationships to Affinity Culture as the Head of Business Development and maintains a deep understanding of not only maintaining sales, user acquisition and influencer channels but also the level of personal relationship which exudes naturally and organically.


Marc Bacani | Head of Product Marketing & Co-Founder

Houston | Hong Kong

Brand Marketing Manager | Ozmo, Hong Kong
Driver | Le Wagon, Shanghai
MIB | Hult International Business School, Shanghai

Marc is a native of Houston and completed his Bachelors degree at Austin College in Political Science and Communications. After Texas, he wanted to better understand business on a global scale and studied at Hult International Business School in Shanghai. Interested in innovative marketing from a young age, his passion is in finding a human touch to branding, while focusing on core business objectives through a love of analytics. He has worked for and done marketing consultation for many companies in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and San Francisco, including Intel, Ozmo, and Avibe.

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