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Constantly switching between Asia and the Americas has taught us how to navigate new cultures, adapt to them, and become part of it. This is the heart of our service, a digital strategy to enter a new market. Or for established brands, a strategy to continue to grow and expand.

We have taken those experiences and applied them to our process. More than just creating clickbait, our goal is to build relationships. We will adapt your brand’s story specifically for target markets. Our strategy is to test the message, design, and demographics to find the right segment, which will not only buy into the brand but will engage in the brand’s story, thus creating a lasting and fruitful relationship.


New Market Research

Research potential customers in the new market based on historical data, focus groups, A/B testing

Market Segmentation

We divide your potential clients into different personas befitting your brand

Adapting your Message

Find your voice for the new market while remaining true to your brand culture

Hitting the Ground Running

We begin by targeting a city that houses your target audience. While the bulk of the process is digital we also set up popup shops and help you find retail partners

Community Building

We help you build your community in the new market through social media, email marketing, and activating early adapters