Ready to take your business online?

Going online can be tricky, let us help.

~ Low traffic

~ Moving existing customers online  

~ Lead generation

~ Building online community

~ Increase reach and impressions 


Get your business online 

Taking your business can look like a daunting task. With our experience in e-commerce sites like Shopify, we can make setting your online shop a breeze.

Build your Online Community

Going online means finding a new community of loyal followers. Let us guide you through this process.

We will also help you bring your offline community online.

Omnichannel approach to drive engaged shoppers to your site

~ Instagram/Facebook Ads

~ Google Ads 

~ Influencers 

~ Email Marketing 

What Our Clients Have to Say

"The platform helped funnel and increase product sales. It was completed on-time and met the partner’s expectations. Affinity Culture is detail-oriented and trustworthy."


"Marc is super responsible and detail-oriented, I trust him 100%."

Vivian C. 

"They helped us with all the social media marketing and strategy for our company. Using Google Ads, they made a weekly report containing our engagement metrics for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. To enhance our presence, they also create content for social."

"we have a really good relationship and work well together."

Lenia P.

"We worked with Marc at Affinity Culture for year on Ozmo’s branding and marketing. He has shown great dedication to quality work and is passionate in what he does. The entire Ozmo team really enjoyed working with Marc. Marc is a great team player and can get along very well with everyone in the team. In the marketing role, Marc has always taken initiative in making things happen."

Serena P. 

Startup Founder & Serial Euntrprenure 


Houston Born And Raised 

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  • Review of your current ads

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  • Anser to any questions you have